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Phone sex: cuckold and happy

I sat down, spread my legs and he started eating the cum straight from my pussy. That turns me on SO fucking much. That s when I told him that I had just gotten fucked and that’s all it took to get his cock hard. You see, I have a cuckold husband and he happens to love the fact that I have to look elsewhere for men who are more potent and virile than him.

The other day, one of my favorite phone sex callers, called me and I must admit to being somewhat pleased as it had been a while since I d heard from him. Truth is, I was really excited because his favorite phone sex fantasy is also one of mine: cuckolding!

In his fantasy, he comes over to my house and notices my clothes all over the floor and the bed all messed up. I love having a guy eat my pussy while I tell him how inferior his dick! To have him suck another man’s cum out of me while he pleases me!  Well..  That’s just plain orgasmic, isn’t it?  What could be better than that, really?

Do you have a cuckold phone sex fantasy? I want to hear all about. Anyone can make a man s cock get hard, but turning on his whole body including his mind and THEN making his cock cum is what eroticism is all about! Close your eyes and feel the sexual explosion I will bring to your body over and over again, leaving you breathless and aching for! I am sensually dominant, natural at mind control. I don’t do it by being a bitch; I do it with a seductive whisper knowing that men have always been drawn to me, confided in me, and have done virtually anything to please me.

I am such a slut and I can t help it! I have the sex drive from hell! I want a man to cower before me. . I want you to call me so you can find out the thrills and fears of being dominated by the ultimate. I am your cute and perky barely legal dominant Mistress you are yearning to talk to!

Every man desires a strong dominant woman that will take from him her own sexual pleasure. Doing this drives me crazy, makes me tingle, and cause my clit to get VERY swollen.

When Sex is a Phone Call away

Riding in a bus the other night on my way back home, I was sitting behind two young men busy chatting about things I was not really paying much attention too until the bus got to a stop sign and the noise of the engines muffled down slightly. I could hear what they saying perfectly now and they two were talking about their plans for the coming Saturday and the girl they intended to phone and invite. One of the men was telling the other to go ahead and call this girl he had been talking about.  Just phone her  he kept on saying..  The worst that can happen is that she’ll turn you down! So what!

The bus started to move forward again and the sound of their voices drifted in with the noise around me and I could no longer hear what the two of them were saying. As the ride went on, sat as I was, day dreaming about this and that, I couldn’t help playing the bits of conversation I had just heard, and playing in my mind what would happen to this young man if the girl he had called said yes, she would very much like to go to dinner with him.

Unless these two were friends, which they clearly were not, yet, I imagined that ultimately this young man would want to have sex with his lady friend, and began to add up the costs of the various meals, flowers etc that he would have to face before she would let him make love to her. And that wasn’t even a certainty, by a long shot.

I am a single mom, and looking after one child, I know how expensive life is, a reason why besides my day job as an office secretary, I become a phone sex operator at nights in order to supplement my income.

He should go with phone sex, I kept on telling my self. For less than $20 an orgasm, he would have the satisfaction of actually talking to a woman who would gladly listen to all to his fantasies, however crazy they might look to him. Not only is phone sex an ideal platform for thousands of men and women to explore their sexuality every night, but it is also the safest way to have sex nowadays.

It was nearly time for me to get out of the bus, and of course, I could not suggest this to two young men in front of me. But as my stop drew near and it was my time to get down, I glanced at them on my way out and left.

I got home later on after picking up my kid and as I settled down to prepare supper I could not take out of my mind the image of these very cute young men and how I wished they would call me for phone sex.

I would make sure they had the best time and for less than $20 it sure was cheaper than taking someone to dinner hoping that some times down the line, you might get lucky and score.

Are you feeling horny? Try cheap phone sex! I guarantee you’ll absolutely love it!