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Tales of a cuckold husband trained to be a bitch

Very much to my delighted surprise I heard back from a regular phone sex caller the other night who lives the lifestyle of a real life cuckold husband. As it happens, cuckolding is one of my favorite fantasies and I just love this caller when he talks about his own experiences, such as the one that happened to his hotwife and him on Christmas night. Cuckold phone sex fantasies are indeed a huge turn on for me!

The two of them had been invited for dinner by this other couple who had befriended his wife at the gym she goes. The story was pre-empted by the notion that he didn’t much like the other couple’s husband perceiving him as being slightly arrogant but that for the sake of his wife, he had agreed to spend Christmas night with them.

My cuckold husband caller knew that the other couple was into the swinging lifestyle and with his own wife’s pleasure in mind, reluctantly agreed to join in. They were lead to the Jacuzzi where everyone undressed and it soon became clear that the other man’s dick was the hugest they had ever seen. It was soft and yet dropped down like a huge and thick sausage and my callers’ hot wife could not take her eyes off it.

Aware of his own shortcomings, he looked at the other woman and was pleasantly surprised to see a gorgeous woman, extremely sexual who was looking at him.

“Oh I wish you could fuck me with your little dick! she said to him, “would you like that? And of course, my caller was dying to get inside of her even if his dick was pathetic compared to this woman’s husband’s. She leaned backwards, and took his dick with her hand, pulling it towards her swollen clit.

“There is condition though darling  as she continued to stroke his dick up and down. “My husband wants to fuck your sorry ass, and as soon as he is inside of you, I will let you fuck me. Are you game?

Behind him, to his left, he heard his wife first orgasm! As it subsided his wife said, “Oh baby! Hurry up, let this huge dick show you what a real man is and be done with it so that he can then fuck me!

He felt the man penetration inch by inch, taking what seemed several minutes before feeling his hard stomach against his own butt, indicated that he now had a dick fully inside of him.

This cuckold husband was being royally fucked by the most alpha of all alpha males he had ever known. With this fuck, he was being told in no uncertain terms that when it came to sex, my caller would for ever remain the cuckold husband, never quite able to properly satisfy any woman.

He felt the other man’s dick being withdrawn inch by inch until it was completely out and was then turned over by him in such a way that his huge dick was now inches away from his mouth. “Suck him clean honey  he hear his wife say and as he open his mouth and started to suck on this huge dick, he knew that his like as a cuckold husband had now taken a turn. Things were going to change, he could feel it.

Such was the life of a cuckold husband!

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The gift of dick from a cuckold husband to his hotwife

How wonderful my cuckold husband really is.   As a new year’s gift, he took me to a fancy restaurant in the heart of Miami where he threated me like a Goddess, spoiling and pampering me all night.   I have said this before:   Men with small dicks take their cuckold role seriously and make wonderful life partners!  None more than my dear husband who lavishes me with luscious gifts and untold amounts of affection!

New Year’s Eve was not different in that respect and as he sat me down by his side, I couldn’t help marvel at how happy I was to be with such a wonderful man.  The meal was delicious, put together as it was by one of the nation’s best known chef and the champagne tasted oh so delicious, taking me to a state of mild exhilaration that I knew all too well.

At the sound of the midnight clock when people around us began their jubilation, he handed me a small jewelry box containing a delightful diamond ring, show casing the love he had for his hotwife.   It was a truly magnificent piece, taking me with glisters into the beginning of this New Year, and it made me even prouder of my husband.

We held hands for a while taking in the scenery of the people celebrating loudly around us and enjoying the moment.   An hour passed and my husband leaned in towards me and asked me if I would kindly join him to a private room he had rented for the rest of the night where we would be able to celebrate the New Year in private.  We both got up and he led me to a private lounge lavishly furnished with sofas and a dining table and chairs.

The table was laid and we sat down not saying a word.   I didn’t have time to ask him why he had not sat right next to me when a couple of waiters came either side of me with deserts.  They were dressed as any waiter would dress and I would not have noticed anything if one of them had not brushed against my shoulder, as he leaned towards me to put a cup of chocolate mousse in front of me.

Both were naked from the waist down and both sported a dick that must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long.  As I took a long look at these handsome studs I knew that desert that night would not be limited to chocolate or cheese cake.

Smiling at my cuckold husband, I placed my hands on both men’s butts, feeling for myself the firmness and wonderful shape of their gorgeous ass.   Moving my hands lower, I probed past their butt hose towards their balls which were huge and understanding what I had in mind, both of them spread their legs open so as to allow me full access to their huge dick from behind.

This hotwife was going to be truly fucked.   My cuckold husband on the other side of the table had already taken his little dick out and was beginning to stroke it.   The contrast in size was such that just looking at it made my pussy twitch with the anticipation of a real hard dick pumping in and out of me.

Happy New Year and call me for all your tiny dick or cuckold phone sex fantasies.