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Such A Small Cock Phone Sex

I have a client who always calls me to complain that he has “such small cock” and he cannot wait to suck a big black penis to see what it feels like!

Are you also curious about finding out what another man’s big black cock tastes like?  Do you find that some of your masturbating fantasies include images of you going down on a big black cock?  Are you curious about what it would feel like to have anal sex and feel a big black cock inside of you?

It any of these desires sound familiar that you are curious about big black cock then this fantasy can easily be explored through phone sex.   After all masturbation fantasies are a world in which most things which one would never consider in true life are possible. Are you gay because you want to experience big black cocks?

Of course not.  A lot of men are like you and in fact many of our callers preferred masturbation fantasie include forced bi or suck small cock scenarios.  Now is the time to act upon these masturbation fantasies and call one of our big black cock hungry phone sluts.

You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed. Our Mistresses are expert in the art of bi sexual orientation and cannot wait to walk you through your desires of suck small cock.

Ask any man who is eager to suck a cock if he would ever consider a romantic relationship with another man and you would invariably get the same answer.  Of course not: their bi-sexual tendencies involve another man’s big black cock and what they could do (or have done to them) with that penis but not the men themselves.  What they are interested in is the cock and only the cock and their masturbation fantasies are about this and other related subjects such as forced bi, or forced oral masturbation fantasies.

Some men who are in a relationship sometimes are lucky to have a partner who understand their desires and is willing to take an active part in it.  Many women find the idea of their husband or boyfriend involved in a bi sexual relationship with another man very exciting.  By taking part in their partner wishes to suck another man’s big black cock, fuck another man’s ass, or even be fucked himself by another man’s big black cock, they include themselves in that masturbation fantasies which can result in delicious opportunities for themselves.  Whilst most men will happily confess that a top fantasy of their would be to have sex with two women at the same time, many, many women have the same desires and the idea that you could bring a male into their bed can be an opportunity to delve into her own sexual curiosities.

Many couples have long realized that roleplay can add spice and variety to their love making. If you are in a relationship in which your partner doesn’t want to entertain this idea then we can tell you that too many men are in your position and for a large number of these men, phone sex has become their preferred platform through which they can express their sexual identities.  If you are a big black cock lover, you might also like the idea of a woman wearing an artificial big black cock which she can use on you.  Strap on sex where a woman fucks her man anally is a common fantasy as delicious as being %keywords

And if you like big black cock, how about a woman with all the perfect and feminine attributes that make her woman with the added bonus of a big black cock!  sexy shemales are the delicious representations of such women, complete with boobs and big black cock.   Would your woman like to know what it feels like to have a big black cock?   Ask her.   In an open and trusting relationship, you might be surprised at her answer.

The subject of big black cock sucking and bi sexual orientation is wide and varied.   It is usually a component of dominatrix phone sex which introduces the idea of forcing the man to suck a big black cock. Whatever your curiosities about big black cock, we can help you.   Call us and let’s chat about being suck small cock.

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