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19teen Phone Sex

I really had a wonderful weekend.  Both at home and at work.  At work, most of the calls that came in for me yesterday were for humiliation phonesex!  I have had some pathetic lovers at school and when I moved to college last summer, I realized that there was so much more fun to be had when I was in control.  So from the very beginning of my college career, I decided that I would be the boss.  Turns out, it seems I have both the inclination, and the voice to turn any situation into a humiliating nightmare is a delicious way of course.

You’ve all heard of the parties that take place nowadays in college dorms up and down the country where everything is fair game.  I have discovered that the male cock comes in all shapes and forms, but one thing I have found out is that I get a kick of those tiny ones that seem to beg for more.  When I get bored, I can usually have fun with some hardcore small penis humiliation laughing my head off at the sight of puny 3 inch clitty dick thingy that supposed to turn me on!  I mean please Dude..  Come on..  I know dudes like their tools but what use are they when they are so tiny?

Good thing in and amongst the crowd there are the odd ones with respectable cocks and I always have a lot of time for those..  <giggle>.

There is this one dude..  The other day I was playing pools with a girl friend and I was dressed like all horny and stuff..  Available so to speak if you get my drift.  I was bending down to try and shoot this ball when this dude showed up behind me.

In not time at all I felt this huge thing push inside of me and boy was it enormous.  To be fucked on a pool table with college teens cheering you on!  Who says education is in bad state in the US.

Anyhow..  back to Monday morning.  The clock changed over the weekend and I am still feeling hot from all those calls I had yesterday..

How about you call me for some cheap phonesex!

Telephone: 1-800-841-9842