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Mom caught stroking the cock of her son’s best friend

When Mom does more than expected..

Written by a caller:

I play for a local soccer team.  When we play away from home, our moms get together and take us to wherever we need to go.  They rotate so that it’s now always the same people doing all the driving.

That Saturday morning, it was my mom’s turn.  During the game, my best friend who is the goalie injured himself.  He went for the ball, an opponent wet for the same ball and missed.  Sliding across the grass, he landed feet first in between my friends’ legs.  Yes, there..

Mommy used to be a nurse before she became a full time soccer mom, so it was natural for her to tell my friend that she would take him to our house first so she could make sure he wasn’t too injured.  We thought nothing of it.

As soon as we got home, she sent first my friend to have a shower in her bathroom, and me to mine.

I took my shower and then laid on my bed for a while.  I fell asleep and woke up a while later wondering where my friend was.  I went to the kitchen, and then to the lounger and he wasn’t there.  My mom’s car was still in the driveway so I thought perhaps she had taken my friend home whilst I was asleep.  I started to walk towards her bedroom and was going to call out for her when I heard some noises in her bedroom.

There was something about that noise that puzzled me.  I went to the door and opened it silently sticking my head through the opening and what I saw will stay with me for the rest of my life and is causing me to have an erection, as I think about it.

My friend was laying on my mother’s bed, completely naked and my mom was masturbating him.  She was kneeling on the other side of the bed so I could see both of them and her hand was going up and down my friend’s penis as if it was nothing.  She had a smile on her face, and if I didn’t know what her hand was doing, I would have sworn she was having a conversation about the weather.

After a while of stroking his cock, up and down, she took her hand out and took her shirt off.  She wasn’t wearing a bra so her big boobs came popping out and I am telling you, even though she was my mom and all, I was ready to jump her.

She then took a bottle of baby oil and poured all over my friend’s cock, and then back to it with hand, only this time there was a purpose in what she was doing.

She was using both her hands, in a repeated upwards movement and I could hear my friend’s breathing getting louder.  He obviously was enjoying my mommy expert handling of his dick.

Talk about incest fantasy.  To see my own mom perform masturbation on a friend of mine was both awkward and exciting at the same time.  I couldn’t help being jealous.

Then my mom told me friend that he could touch her boobs if he wanted to.  He did.  I so envied him.

At last he came, in great spurts and meanwhile mommy had this wicked little laugh, spurring him on.

When he was done she told him to rest and regain his strength and she would come back.

Then she said and did something that has made me dream about it ever since.  She lifted her head and turn it sideways and looked straight into my eyes.  She had this delicious smile on her beautiful face.  She then put her hands on her boobs and started massaging them.  Next she looked down at my friend and saw that his penis was all hard again.  She looked up at me again and said:  “It’s time to go back to your bedroom now baby.  Mommy is going to be busy for a while.”

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