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Milf talks about phone sex

I was out of work.  My previous job had gone the way of so many jobs this year, up in smoke, and I needed an income.  So when I saw an ad for phone sex operators, I thought to myself, why not.

I called the number on the ad and this lady came on.  I was expecting a madam sounding person, harsh and swearing and instead there was this delightful, educated mother of two on the phone talking about sex as if it was nothing.

I remarked that the way she referred to phone sex, she might as well have referred to washing the dishes and whilst she agreed that sex was no more shameful than working in the kitchen, one think she insisted on was a need for all the women who worked for her to actually like sex.

She asked me point blank: “So, do you like sex do you?  And if you do, what is it about it that you like?”

She was clearly checking my phone sex abilities and I must have done pretty well because here I am about to answer my first call and I am literally shitting myself.

I feel like a virgin, the day she realized that her precious flower is about to be burst.  I have this knot in the pit of my stomach, even though I have told in many details what I can expect from the average caller.

But that’s the point.  Who is the average caller?

When she called me on the phone to tell me I had the job, she said: “Listen, your job is to make your caller come and feel happy about themselves.  I am not telling you that you need to come as well, but most of us do, on a regular basis.  If you find that you never have the urge to masturbate whilst doing a phone sex call, then this job perhaps is not for you!”

And here I am.  Do I measure success according to my first phone orgasm?  I guess I’ll know more at the end of the day!

When the cuckold husband is not mine

Cuckold fantasies.  If they are one of your favorites, then join my club.  You see, I am a cuckoldress with a difference, since I am not cheating my husband because he is a sissy, but rather because we have an arrangement him and I.  And I would just love to talk about it with you, one on one during phone sex.

You see, I love my husband dearly, but soon after we were married, he admitted to me that was gay.  Because we were so happy together, we decided to try an alternative:

I would be allowed to bring home any lover I want, provided my husband had first dibs at him!  You see the sweet irony of it all?  If we are not going to fuck one another, we will at least be together when we fuck another man!

If that get your cock rising, then no doubt you would just love to be one of our “special” friend and I can tell you that so far, in spite of all their protestations, no man I have brought home has ever refused to service and be serviced by my husband.

Talk about cuckolding in reverse.  It’s been a few years with this arrangement and I can tell, neither my husband, nor I have ever had any cause for complain.

So if it’s phone sex you are after, then how about this fantasy for a change!  Would like to join us?  Some men who are curious about cock prefer to talk about this (common) fantasy with a woman, but you might prefer the real deal, in which case, the dudes at call-4-dick.com are really who you should call.

Name says it all doesn’t it!  Call for a dick!  Heck, my husband might even want to dial their number himself!

See you!