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Shemale Cock

The phone rings and it’s Jim.  I’ve just signed on after a long shower.  Had a nice massage this morning too.  The girl who usually “does” me wasn’t there today so they gave me a new girl, a really pretty little thing who obviously didn’t know about how special I am.

What do I mean?  Well, I am one of those “enhanced” ladies, born with a cock which has developed into a proper monster cock and turned into a woman through medical corrective surgery.  The result is quiet astounding I am told, and who am I to ague?

So there I am, lying on the massaging bench, this little chick applying her magic touch to my belly when, as it usually happens around that time, a familiar stirring sends thrills along my thighs.  It’s my cock all right, rising slowly and the girl is quite literally shocked into silence.  She looks a my, then at my body, my boobs, my curves and then down where the bulge is.  This is not “that” kind of massage parlor where some muscles are taken care more than others, and “intimate” stimulation are forbidden.

But in this case, the chick has to look doesn’t she.  She lifts the towel, lift my underwear and gasps for air.  Yes baby, this is a dick.  And it’s mine.  Ah, and it’s fully functional.

She is bright red, doesn’t quite know what to do next and I decide she is too innocent for me to take advantage, so it take my pants off of her hands, and as they falls back against my skin, I put the towel back on.  The only evidence is this huge tent that is poking upwards.

As she finally manages to regain her composure and gets back to the business of massaging me, I am thinking how delicious it will be for me later on to talk about this little episode.

And Jim is just the horny guy to start with.  A bi-curious callers always in search of phone sex with a shemale, he is a regular and I have grown quite fond of him.

Phone Sex: It’s all about roleplay

It’s all about roleplay phone sex.  I hadn’t quite understood what Karen really meant when she told me I was hired.  I mean, you hear these things and you think you know what they mean because you know the meaning of the worlds, but in reality, you know very little.

Sure I knew what role playing was?  I did join drama in High School but did I have the slighest inclination that my first week as a phone sex operator would rock my world and make confront all and settled conceptions I had about myself?  Not in the least.

I all began with the first call I ever did.  Now, I am a young Mom in my late twenties and I had heard of those stories where younger men lust after older women.  Had Karen not called me a typical MILF, one would drive mommies boys crazy with lust?  And what did she mean any way?

“We have John on the line and he has been a naughty boy and wants mommy to spank him” was what dispatch had told me before patching the call over the me!

I picked up the phone and I have to admit it took some will power on my part not laugh out loud.

I wasn’t laughing at the end of the call though.  As the conversation went on, I decided to give it my best and see where it took me.  After all, I was horny nearly all the time and I was a Mom, so one had never stopped the other from mixing together had it.  And after all, this wasn’t incest per say.  This was…  roleplaying.

I was to role play the role of a sexy Mommy who admonishes her son for bad behavior and uses sex as a tool to reach her means and get her points across.

And as I began to grow in the role of a sexually depraved mature mom who will stop at nothing for a piece of hard cock even if that cock belongs to her “darling” boy with the tight body and the endurance that only youth affords, I realized that I and role play phone sex were a match made in sexual heaven.

By that time, my hand was busy playing with my pussy and I knew I would be good at this.

Want to try for yourself?  Call 1-800-841-9842 and let’s have fun!  It’s only $1.99 per minute.