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Strap on sissy phone sex

For all my sissy boys bitches out there, if you like a good sissy strap on training then you need to get yourself all pretty and walk to the sissy strap on phone sex ultimate femdom.

Young genetic male dressed as a The first two paragraphs alone can make you drool:

So many ass bitch boys, so little time but there are a few things I will never run out of:

Strap on made for phone sex with all of your, my little pretty sissy bitches.

If you are new to the sissy/strapon game, then let your appetite for what is to come be stimiluated:

When it’s a beginner, and I can always tell, there is a particular trepidation, looking forward to the task so to speak of “breaking” a virgin ass, ever so gently of course, because strap on phone sex doesn’t mean injuring my sissy does it? Beginners who have never had it in the ass come to the conversation so turned on by the prospect of finally seeing their life long fantasy about to be realized that so many times, they cannot hold their orgasm and the explosion happens with a couple of minutes.  If they are able to stay on the line after the initial orgasm, then the actual sissification, followed by the  ultimate strap on fuck can begin.

A sissy phone sex session can take any number of turns.  I once talked about something that happened to me in my own dungeon when two sissy boys I was training had a sissy fight, nails, bags and all.

Can you imagine what I did to those silly boys after that?  I don’t think you can!

Mommy Phone Sex

Mommy knows best…  From the dawn of time, this has always been the case and for good reasons.  Mothers do indeed know best…  About just about everything.

And that of course includes mommy phone sex.

Some of the folks who call me to explore this yummy fantasy sometimes ask me if they are perverted because they fantasize about sex with a mother figure.  Whilst I reaslize that some will associate this sexual fetish with incest, often times, it is not incest that drives them to speak about sex with mom, but rather the impulse, or instinct, that deep down, they know the mommies are uniquely placed to provide love and care.

That holds true in the world of love and affection, but also in the world of sex.

When you call for a mommy, you not only seek a relation with a mature woman who will know you more then most younger women do, but also express a desire to engage in a make believe roleplaying fantasy between a mom (me) and her son (you).