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Cock Tease and Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

It’s all about pleasure and you cannot talk about pleasure unless your talk about orgasm, unless of course you’re a cock tease like me who uses her knowledge to drive my men crazy with desires until they can no longer hold it anymore.


I have had a lot of friends wonder why on earth I am even involved in the phone sex industry and the other day, I told one of them to be my witness during a call!  It didn’t take a whole lot convincing by the way.

When she arrived home, I could tell she was already turned on.  Her nipples were hard through her bra-less blouse, her cheeks flashed with red, pupils dilated… you know.

It didn’t take long for the next call to arrive and I told my caller that this time, I was going to share him with a girlfriend of mine.  You can imagine how eager he was to start.

Guided masturbation phone sex is obviously what we are all about.  It doesn’t matter what the fetish, at the end of the day, it is always about masturbation, mutual or guided.  This time, there would be a twist as my conversation with my caller would also be directed at my friend, whom I had asked to sit right in front of me.

It didn’t take long for her hand to dive right inside her pants, and it is amazing how fast inhibitions can be lost upon the promises of a good time.

It certainly wasn’t long until I hear my friend’s hurried breathing and when I did, I put the phone on speakers, and let the two of them masturbate each other.

Talk about guided masturbation.  I was the conductor, the guide, the leader who took these two people to one the really great orgasms of their life.