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Karen Says Hello to Phone Sex

My friend who had started this website has asked me to take it over as he is way too busy having the good life in Miami and feels I might be able to continue from where he left.  “I can’t promise, but I’ll do my best” I said adding as a condition that he would have to contribute from time to time.  And true to form, he agreed with tail wagging only this one, I swear wasn’t the one our furry friends chase all over the place.

So without further ado, I thought I’d start from where it all began, the day when I decided to become a phone sex queen!

Happy stroking!

Phone Sex!  I had never done it for money before!

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get more complicated the doctor gave me the good news! Karen she said You are pregnant!

Talk about good news! Yeah, I know. To carry a child and bring it to this world is wonderful and a true miracle but what they don’t tell you in Sunday classes is that it costs a lot of money, lots of it, and it kind of deprives the new moms of their hitherto wonderful freedom. Of course, all the fun they might have enjoyed prior to this news might very well be replaced by a whole and brand new kind of fun related to raising the children, but still, it does put your life into some kind of balance. As soon as you hear those three words “you are pregnant” you know that your life as you knew it is about to change..

And so it did for me, one of many changes, this first one coinciding with the birth of my first daughter when I was 24.

Now you might ask yourself what on earth does reminiscing of a birth have anything to do with phone sex and you would be right. Nothing! Well, nearly nothing!

But in some cases, not only did the news of the pregnancy define who I was to become, but so did political events about President Clinton sex stints on the telephone.

I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to keep my job and look after my child at the same time, being as I was a single mom, living in Miami. Not because I felt I wouldn’t be able to juggle both tasks at the same but because I believed in the older generation concepts that a child is best raised into this world by his mommy, and not any surrogate care giver, however sweet and qualified she might be!

So faced with the prospects of a life with child, and no income, and searching for means to support my burgeoning family, I looked for an alternative to an office job and after a few short days realized that I could look to the example of our President and get myself involved into phone sex, a career of lesser prestige even for the most powerful man on earth, but at least a way to bring in a few dollars into the family purse.

You could say that I owed my career as a phone actress to the President himself!

Several years have passed since I took my first call which has seen me move from the position of a phone operator to one of a phone sex owner as I now operate my own lines.

I was asked by Mike, the owner of this site and a friend of mine to take care of the phone sex section in his miami4sex blog and so here I am.

You can reach me or one of “my girls” at 1-800-841-9842
With love,