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Leave your baggage at home when looking for a date!

With legion of single men and women out there, I am always amazed at how some of us behave when it comes to selecting and then meeting a partner for the first time. It doesn’t matter whether you found your possible match online, or through work, friends or whatever, it never fails.

I am of course ranting about the pre-conceived ideas that we, singles seemingly always bring to the dating table. And there again it is true for divorced people, those single souls that were once in a relationship and having to do it all over again, and true also for the never married, the eternal spinsters, men or women even though I am aware that by definition, the word spinster applies to a woman who has never married!

Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau, as of 2005, an average of 35 % of men and women have never been married? If true, these are staggering statistics even when considering that the above survey was quoted for men and women 15 year and over! By the way, the legal in the United States for any couple to get married is 18, younger if the couple has their parent’s consent!

So by my very un-scientific reckoning, add the number of people who never got married in their lives to the those who did but find themselves single again and we are now faced a huge number of single men and women out there, looking for a life partner!

Incredible isn’t it! Here we are, a nation riding high on the wave of communication finding ourselves going home to an empty nest at night, not necessarily lonely but definitely singles and wishing otherwise.

And what do we do to find a partner? Do we look at how we have behaved thus far with regards to finding a companion and see what we have done wrong? Do we learn by our mistakes and tell ourselves:  right, I think I know why it didn’t work last time and I am not going to make the same mistake again, if I can help it ?

No likely. I have been a single middle age dating man for some months now. I have a profile posted in a number of online dating sites and the truth is I have more than my pick in terms of dates which I meet, and get to know. Online dating is wonderful in that it levels the fields so to speak and brings together more people then you would otherwise be likely to ever meet in your day to day life.

When searching through profiles after profiles, I am often amazed at the apparent perfection these single men and women have achieved in their lives. Men and women want it all. The looks, the attraction, the immediate and sudden physical pull, the successful career, the house in the city and a vacation home elsewhere, the need for independence coinciding with a search for an equal provider, the whole package.

They take one look at your profile and make a decision there and there based on a couple of photos and statements on a web site page, which may, or may not reflect exactly what the person really is.

And based on that initial assessment, they decide on their course of action. It doesn’t matter that they might actually get to really like the person they are rejecting if they got to know him/her better, they just go with their initial intuition which is crazy really since often times they have been married in the first place.

Dating, and online dating is difficult. It’s not an easy task to find a partner, a soul mate, a companion to spend a life time with, or at least some of it. For the sake for sanity, let us not make it any more difficult then it already is.

T’is tough to date nowadays.

When the woman you date is a shemale

Ok.  This is an uncomfortable article and dealing as it does with bisexuality, not many men will agree to talk about it, let alone openly admit that they are a least somewhat curious about the appeal of other men.   But I was sitting down in Miami Beach the other day for my daily dose of caffeine with my date, a lady friend I had been dating for a few weeks now.   We were enjoying the view of this wonderful and so very sex city in the fall when my friend all of a sudden asked me if I had ever fantasized about being intimate with another man!

If you have been in Miami before, then you’ll know that Miami Beach probably boasts the most beautiful men and women per square mile, singles or otherwise and the best way to enjoy them if you are not one of them is to sit at a cafe late afternoon and watch them pass by, a statement which by no means includes my current date who happens to be really beautiful!

Men, women and in between, Miami is truly a metro sexual city where the differences between genders sometimes become so veiled that a new gender has arisen, the generation of the shemales, those men turned into women who sometimes look more feminine than women themselves.

Young and old alike, these dreamy creatures seem to be made from the same gorgeous female mold with the perfect curves, the feline walk, whilst retaining they male attributes which I am told can sometime exceed the average expectations and just as my friend was cornering me with her incredible question, such a beautiful  woman  walked in and sat at the table next to us.

Well, you have just answered my question, haven’t you  she told me with a pretty fact tilted towards me, smiling at me in broad day light as if to enhance further my mounting embarrassment and she then changed the subject and made no reference about it until later on that night, at home, after dinner.

So, you never did answer my question did you?  she asked me at once.   I knew exactly what she meant of course and as we moved on to the balcony to enjoy the Miami evening breeze, I knew that she roused my senses, and quite obviously hers.

This woman we had seen at the cafe was exactly the kind of woman a man dreams dating about, and I was no exception.  The fact that she was not borne woman and was in fact a man transformed into a woman by the skills of modern surgery didn’t have anything to do with the attraction I thought.  She was beautiful, and woman would have loved to have been as sexy and sensual as she was, but there again, with so many beautiful women sitting right by us, why had it been her I had suddenly been interested in?

Several days have passed since then and my date has left on a 3 months vacation living me single and available again, right in the middle of Miami where beautiful shemales roams the dating streets in search of a date.   And what I wouldn’t do have such a date myself right now!

Shemale Dating.   Sure.   I can see myself date such a woman, in fact what I wouldn’t do to slip into her bed at night, and if under the sheets at night I should feel something not entirely female not belonging to me, then let it be the biggest it can be.

Tempestuous nights at the Biltmore Hotel

No trip to Miami would be complete without a visit to Biltmore Hotel, this famous Florida landmark celebrated by Johnny Weissmuller, one of the world very first Tarzan.

Located in leafy Coral Gables, the hotel boasts one mama of a swimming pool built in 1926 with 700,000 gallon of clear blue water begging you to dip in!  I defy anyone to resist a leisure swim and besides if it was good enough for Tarzan, it is most certainly good enough for the rest of us.

The Biltmore Hotel also boasts a fitness center that was ranked amongst the top fitness clubs in the US by Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health magazine.  More than 10,000 square feet of workout torture are sure to satisfy the cravings of the most blaze fitness addict.  And just in case you are tired at the end of your exercise session, there’s the hotel spa, on the 7th floor with 12 treatment rooms.  Now you don’t even need to have been at the gym to get there.

And just in case, all these activities have built up an appetite, subliming dining is available as well, from sophisticated dining in Palm d’Or to a snack by the pool or a meal a l’italiana at the Courtyard Grill.

And what about dating? Well, this is Miami after all and with all the wondrous and tantalizing offerings available at the hotel, the Biltmore Hotel is a melting pot of all that is beautiful and single, men or women. You might not see anyone run naked through the hotel lobby, as Johnny Weissmuller did but there are plenty to look at and if you play your cards right.. well the sky is the limit.  And forget about having go back home (yours or your new dating partner) for the promised fruit, the hotel has something else to satisfy your sexual needs:  bedrooms.

In fact, the Biltmore Hotel is ideal for the ultimate romantic weekend.  Bring a partner or find one there and you will be in heaven. It’s not cheap though.   Their website boasts rates starting at just $189 but when I called I was quoted a 2 night stay for $990 per couple. A bit steep if you ask me but my lady friend was pampered from head to toe at the spa whilst I relaxed at the pool enjoying the view.

Spending so much money had an unexpected advantage though.  At around $500 per night we didn’t feel much like wasting all this money sleeping so we made love and we felt young again.   We left the hotel exhausted, but impeccably manicured and oh so very satisfied.

And then it was back to the groove again.  The Miami groove, unique, jealous, tempestuous!

Beware how you kiss!

So you have been dating this wonderful woman for sometime! You have shown yourself to be the perfect gentleman, attentive and kind, ready to and show emotions when required. You have taken care of how you dressed, made sure you were perfectly groomed and taken her to the places of her choosing because you are just that kind of man really.

These past few dates have been wonderful, a rising pattern of interest slowly merged with an increasing desire to know each other. With each passing date, you have managed to keep your libido in check, eager to show her that you were interested in her as a person, and not as a sexual partner.

And she has dazzled you with her beauty and sex appeal. The smell of her hair, the clothes worn to show the promises that lay ahead, the gentle demeanor mixed with an educated dose of sensuality to keep your hormones flowing.  The cleavage, the curves, the discreet tilt of her face when looking at you, the lips slightly opened, moist, inviting.

Of how you have longed to kiss those lips, inhale yourself with their taste and at the end of each date, you have kept the inner struggles for the first kiss within yourself.  A polite handshake at the first date, gradually followed by more affectionate embraces when she has left her body be drawn closer to you, a date at a time.

And now is the time for the first kiss. The previous date had been so tantalizing and you have given such a good account of yourself so far that she knows you now. The first kiss!  The promise of heaven followed by something even more wonderful.

But beware of the first kiss, my fellow man!  Did you know that the State University of New York had researches conduct a study on one thousand Albany Albany undergrads about their kissing habits, motives and relationships?

Turns out heterosexual kisses, the one you are planning to do on your next date, give women information on everything about their health, to their willingness to commit and whilst you may have worked really hard at being the best you can during those first dates, a bad first kiss may send your date packing in a hurry!

As if we didn’t know this before, the study found that more than half the men were ready to have sex with just about any women, even those with bad breath as long as they found them mildly attractive, whereas only 14 pc of the women said they’d have sex without a kiss.

What’s important for a woman about the first kiss? Breath, taste, the appearance of healthy teeth being an indicator of potential partner’s health and of course, a kiss that is enjoyable.

What’s important for men about the first kiss? That it leads to sex! Plain and simple.

The researches have confirmed that men are opportunistic breeders, striving to spread their DNA and increase the likelihood of spreading their genes around whilst dating women need to be more careful as to the partner their pick, since they invest so much more of themselves then their male partners.

So next time you get yourself ready to kiss your date for the first time, remember to brush your teeth before going out, have some mints in your pocket for any linger after taste of this spicy meal you just had and don’t even try until you have a dentist give your mouth his drilling attention.

Not an easy thing, this dating business.

Dating for the average middle age single man

The life of a middle age single man is not always a picnic. I mean living as we do in a high paced world, finding ways to get some fun for single people can sometimes be difficult and I am just as single as the next guy.

Of course, optimists tell me that there is a difference between being single and being lonely and the truth is I meet my fair share of people at work during business meetings, lunches and the likes. So looking through the proverbial half full glass, I am definitely not lonely.  But am I and what is being lonely anyway?

After all, I have made a lot of very good friends throughout my years as a Miami resident, and I do get to see these friends socially on a regular basis, at a local restaurant, or a friend’s house where we I meet lots of other single people, just like me.

Yes, there is the occasional flirting going on between these single friends from time to time as they attempt to bring into their life’s the comfort of  companionship, being of the same or opposite sex.

For some, companionship means dating with a view to a long term relationship possibly culminating in marriage. For others, companionship simply provides a means to have romantic encounters tinted with a definite tough of sensuality and even sexuality until they can move on to the next one.

For this type of adult dating, I can tell you that single within a specific circle of friends is often times not possible.  After all how can you tell the friend sitting next to you: “Hey, let’s go back to my place and have some fun? And even though friends with benefits seem to be a concept increasing in popularity this has happened with any one of mine and so we are all still looking.

The other day, as I was checking my emails at home I stumbled upon a dating website where encounters of a specific kind were being advertised. I had heard about online dating and of course every man has a hidden fantasy of belonging to a swinger’s club but I had not realized that there were people out there who were just like me, looking for companionship to explore fun, sexuality and more on a strictly non committed fashion.

And rather then spending time procrastinating again as to why I should not give this method a try, I decided that I would join one of these websites and see what if any thing would develop as a result.

Three weeks and a few exchanges of emails later, here I am getting myself ready to meet with one particular woman who seems to want exactly what I want. So as I prepare myself for this adult dating experience, a first for me, I would be lying if I told you that my heart wasn’t beating a bit faster in anticipation of the unknown.

I have no idea what is going to happen, but just in case I am lucky, I have had my house cleaned and tidied up thoroughly. The bed is made, sheets and towels are clean, the place is ready for action, and so am I.

Whether there is will be the subject of my next post: Adult Online Dating, a personal success story!  Wish me luck!

So you want to pick women up!

I was sitting in a cafe on South Beach last Saturday afternoon, savoring my daily cafe con leche and doing a bit of the usual  people watching as one does inevitably when spending anytime at all in a place like this. Life was going on at its regular pace, with the noise, the chatter and the beautiful walking up and down the street dressed in various degrees of sensual expressions, and so I didn’t pay much attention when a tourist couple sat a couple of tables away from me.

I knew they were tourists, because of the sunburn, and judging by the subtle clues people give out about themselves, this was youngish couple in good physical shape who seemed to have an innate intimacy about themselves. They were confident about themselves, obviously happy to be with one another and whilst they were not talking much, there was an obvious communication which I thought nothing off.

As time passed, I began to notice that people, and in particular women who were passing by were either smiling at them, or shrugging a shoulder in a manner one does when wanting to express a feeling of not being interested.

I didn’t quite know what it meant other then these women who were passing by were reacting specifically to the couple sitting nearby until it dawned on me that the wife or girlfriend was actually actively engaged in provoking these women’s reaction.

With each passing woman, (beautiful passing woman I should say) she would quite innocently lick her lips whilst nonchalantly touching her breasts.

The sensuality of her action was such that it had enthralled and so I immediately understood the reason why the women were reacting to her. This woman was picking women up!

At my third cafe con leche, and extravagance I would live to regret on my next insomniac night, the wife scored and an absolutely gorgeous woman walked to their table.

The deal was sealed shortly thereafter as the two women exchanged the most sensual of kisses which would have looked completely innocent if their lips had not touched. The three of them stood up and walked away presumably for a night of passion.

If you too are looking for a bit of fun, then Adult Dating is your solution.