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When the woman you date is a shemale

Ok.  This is an uncomfortable article and dealing as it does with bisexuality, not many men will agree to talk about it, let alone openly admit that they are a least somewhat curious about the appeal of other men.   But I was sitting down in Miami Beach the other day for my daily dose of caffeine with my date, a lady friend I had been dating for a few weeks now.   We were enjoying the view of this wonderful and so very sex city in the fall when my friend all of a sudden asked me if I had ever fantasized about being intimate with another man!

If you have been in Miami before, then you’ll know that Miami Beach probably boasts the most beautiful men and women per square mile, singles or otherwise and the best way to enjoy them if you are not one of them is to sit at a cafe late afternoon and watch them pass by, a statement which by no means includes my current date who happens to be really beautiful!

Men, women and in between, Miami is truly a metro sexual city where the differences between genders sometimes become so veiled that a new gender has arisen, the generation of the shemales, those men turned into women who sometimes look more feminine than women themselves.

Young and old alike, these dreamy creatures seem to be made from the same gorgeous female mold with the perfect curves, the feline walk, whilst retaining they male attributes which I am told can sometime exceed the average expectations and just as my friend was cornering me with her incredible question, such a beautiful  woman  walked in and sat at the table next to us.

Well, you have just answered my question, haven’t you  she told me with a pretty fact tilted towards me, smiling at me in broad day light as if to enhance further my mounting embarrassment and she then changed the subject and made no reference about it until later on that night, at home, after dinner.

So, you never did answer my question did you?  she asked me at once.   I knew exactly what she meant of course and as we moved on to the balcony to enjoy the Miami evening breeze, I knew that she roused my senses, and quite obviously hers.

This woman we had seen at the cafe was exactly the kind of woman a man dreams dating about, and I was no exception.  The fact that she was not borne woman and was in fact a man transformed into a woman by the skills of modern surgery didn’t have anything to do with the attraction I thought.  She was beautiful, and woman would have loved to have been as sexy and sensual as she was, but there again, with so many beautiful women sitting right by us, why had it been her I had suddenly been interested in?

Several days have passed since then and my date has left on a 3 months vacation living me single and available again, right in the middle of Miami where beautiful shemales roams the dating streets in search of a date.   And what I wouldn’t do have such a date myself right now!

Shemale Dating.   Sure.   I can see myself date such a woman, in fact what I wouldn’t do to slip into her bed at night, and if under the sheets at night I should feel something not entirely female not belonging to me, then let it be the biggest it can be.