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Miami Escorts rejoice. Your freedom of advertising is not yet under attack

Here is something that got my old blood boiling. Bowing to pressure for the well meaning feminist groups, yet another New York publication has decided to drop Hookers Ad.

All in all, fifteen New York based publications have decided to drop these adult ads, including Time Our New York and The New York Press.

In an outburst of the most noble of all human behavior, The New York Post led the way in its effort to educate! Said Sonia Ossorio: We worked to educate them on the connections trafficking and the existing sex industry. Numerrous publications have come to the conclusion that it’s not a business they really want to be in.

Noble don’t you think? And here we were thinking that the public at large didn’ care! Turns out it does, well some do.. well a handful does really and not about you but about what THEY think is right and wrong. So after thousands of years of evolution, here we are again at the mercy of the few who think they high moral grounds gives them the right to decide for you whether you should be able to advertise or not!

So escorts, prostitutes, courtesans and companions of all gender are now considered persona non grata from yet another publication based on moral grounds and purported to help those who suffer from such subsequent exploitation of the weak and the unprotected.

A spokeswoman for the New York Magazine, Serena Torrey declined to comment on allegations that her magazine had submitted to  public pressure  but took time to confirm that her publication had been looking for some times now for an opportunity to remove these ads, even before feminists and other well meaning  pressure groups threatened to throw themselves into the fray of public intimidation.

It’s just the right thing to do,  Torrey said before adding:  The magazine is really prospering now and it’s finally time to get out of a business that we were never comfortable being in.

So whilst NOW was busy expanding its reach it welcomed with open arms working women’s ads which paved the way for the publication to prosper hence signaling the end of the said ads! To all prostitutes and hookers out there, your money was good enough when NOW needed it, but now that they are doing so well financially, they must in good conscience do away with you! For NOW and other such publications, prostitute are no longer welcome and their money, quite miraculously is now somewhat tainted.

Nice one ! If ever there was an award to be handed out for the greedy and the un-principled out there, your publication would claim first place no doubts. Of course we all knew of your grand high moral values when you started off, and could read your utter disdain in the seemingly devilish ads that your accountants had somehow convinced you needed to accept and put up with in order to get your little scheme of the moral ground.

So no more of hookers for you I suppose and may your tiny peckers dry up in the company of those feminists out there who couldn’t care less about the well being of countless men and women whose income depended on those ads. And sod law to your readers who liked these ads, indeed depended on these ads for the sanity it brought their own life’s.

No doubt the more savvy amongst your editors have kept for themselves an ample supply of those telephone numbers they have so eagerly removed from your pages and I only hope they get charged 3 or 4 times the current rates by the ladies and gentlemen they will undoubtedly continue to call upon.

As for the feminist out there who applaud their little coup, it wasn’t that long ago that you helped women liberate themselves from another segregation which put women as second class citizens and deprived them of the most basic of legal rights such as ohh.. the rights to vote.. and the rights to advertise.

Funny how short and selective memory can be. Shame on you NOW and likewise for all of you who have helped removed these ads.

Escorts of all kinds, this writer salutes. May you continue to prosper so that countless of us can continue to rely on your services for our own repressed needs.