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The phone rings and it’s Jim.  I’ve just signed on after a long shower.  Had a nice massage this morning too.  The girl who usually “does” me wasn’t there today so they gave me a new girl, a really pretty little thing who obviously didn’t know about how special I am.

What do I mean?  Well, I am one of those “enhanced” ladies, born with a cock which has developed into a proper monster cock and turned into a woman through medical corrective surgery.  The result is quiet astounding I am told, and who am I to ague?

So there I am, lying on the massaging bench, this little chick applying her magic touch to my belly when, as it usually happens around that time, a familiar stirring sends thrills along my thighs.  It’s my cock all right, rising slowly and the girl is quite literally shocked into silence.  She looks a my, then at my body, my boobs, my curves and then down where the bulge is.  This is not “that” kind of massage parlor where some muscles are taken care more than others, and “intimate” stimulation are forbidden.

But in this case, the chick has to look doesn’t she.  She lifts the towel, lift my underwear and gasps for air.  Yes baby, this is a dick.  And it’s mine.  Ah, and it’s fully functional.

She is bright red, doesn’t quite know what to do next and I decide she is too innocent for me to take advantage, so it take my pants off of her hands, and as they falls back against my skin, I put the towel back on.  The only evidence is this huge tent that is poking upwards.

As she finally manages to regain her composure and gets back to the business of massaging me, I am thinking how delicious it will be for me later on to talk about this little episode.

And Jim is just the horny guy to start with.  A bi-curious callers always in search of phone sex with a shemale, he is a regular and I have grown quite fond of him.

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If you have found yourself masturbating to the thoughts of sex with a shemale, then you already know how exciting and sexy this particular fantasy can be. Combining what is best from both female and male worlds, shemales seemingly have it all and are all to keen to use it. You want a gorgeous round ass to fuck, some of these ladyboys have such hot bodies that it sometimes impossible to distinguish the tranny from the woman. Are you turned on by the idea of being on the receiving end where it is your ass that is penetrated, a shemale cock will only be too happy to oblige.

I was talking to a male friend the other day on our way to have a late night drink and we saw a couple walk by. I could tell that the lady was in fact a tranny, but what I had not anticipated is the attention she received from my friend. He was literally drooling. Later that night, I teased him that he had been turned on by a man in drag, but of course, this was not true. This lady was all female, if not for that something extra in between her legs. The more I teased him about her, her cock and what she could do to him with it, the hornier he got, this from a self proclaimed heterosexual man who has never had any bi sexual fantasy! Yeah right!

As sexual fantasies go, phone sex is probably the one media that allows just about anything to be talked about and this is one reason why it is so popular. Not only does it provide an avenue for most to express and release pent up desires not commonly satisfied at home, but it also permits callers to talk safely and discreetly about their most secret fantasies. Of course there is nothing more exciting than sex with a shemale and with phone sex, you can now explore this fantasy in ways you had never hoped possible.

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There is a real difference about a shemale as seen in porno movies and a transvestite one might encounter in public. Whilst the former in many instances it the perfect answer to most men’s idea of what a beautiful woman should look like (with the extra cock of course) the latter is all too often a man dressed as a woman, and no amount of pretty make up, sexy lingerie’s and mannerism will ever pass a man for a woman, unless there is some genetic predisposition somewhere.

With all due respect to shemales, no all are gorgeously feminine creatures the likes of which fills our screens and our fantasy worlds but men in drags, notwithstanding the fact they too can be extremely sexy and exciting. Lots of you have written to me to ask whether my husband was at least a bisexual with definite homosexual tendencies, having had sex with a woman who had been born a man.

Sexual fantasies are often times all about the forbidden aspect of the act as opposed to the act itself. For example, I have rape fantasies in which I am the subject of several men at once have never asked my consent to have sex with me. These fantasies are extremely erotic for me.. in my fantasy world. In real life, I would find them repulsive. Our callers have a variety of reasons for calling our shemale hotline and it is difficult to make a sweeping statement that would apply to all of them at once. For some, the attraction to a hard cock is hard to resist whilst others like the thought of possessing a shemale, applying their domination on a woman that was born a man. And of course, other callers want to experience quite the opposite: to know what it feels like to have a cock pound them from behind.

Beyond the realm of fantasies, I must admit that shemale phone sex calls are amongst my favorite not least because I have always longed to have a cock myself, and wondered what it would feel like to actually be the one who’s cock is sucked and the one about to push a hard cock inside a man.

Shemales are sexy and I just love to make all erotic phone sex fantasies come true.

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Miami Shemales: A night of passion!

Let’s be honest.. Most of us men are attracted by beautiful women and in Miami where there is no shortage of such gorgeous female beauties, the truth is that it is difficult indeed not be tempted. Couples in an otherwise serious relationship are always confronted with images of the  beautiful people  and their perfect bodies and as we all humans, it is not too uncommon I suppose to succumb to this kind of temptation.

So I was not too surprised when a friend of mine, happily married to a gorgeous woman sent me an email of beautiful women. This email however presented a  challenge  in the form of a yes and no answer after each photo of delightful women each more sexy than the previous one. The question was to determine whether the women were shown were actual women, or shemales and the result of my answers would be shown at the end of the slide show.

The test took all of 5 minutes for me with the expected end result being a definite sense of excitement at all these gorgeous creatures,  women  I would have more than happily been ready to spend intimate moments with. I was definitely turned on.

To say that I was shocked by my performance in this test would be an under statement! Indeed, whereas I had always thought I was a keen admired of the female body and as such had gathered some expertise as to their body and what it was about them that turned me on, the result of my observations showed that I had been right 40 % of the time. 60% of the women I had sworn were female were indeed shemales and the next portion of the test proceeded with the actual showing of the proof: Gorgeous women with an extra in between the legs, where one might have expected something more familiar in terms of femininity. These women who had turned me on all had dicks, some really big ones at that!

I have always been open minded about human sexuality, including my own, but never before had I been so turned on by shemales before and this thought stayed with me for a couple of weeks thereafter and made me realize that Miami South Beach seemingly had more than its fair of the most gorgeous women who were not born that way and I found myself on the lookout for these women. As the days passed by, I could not stop thinking about shemales, even my fantasies were filled with images of the impossible love and the thought of dicks which didn’t belong to me. I was in un-known territories, and the junction where my sexuality had taken a sudden turn.

What was it about these shemales that attracted me so? Was it their female beauties, or a more primal instinct in the shape of their dicks? Whatever it was, I could not longer just boast that their feminine attributes were responsible for my fantasies. My dreams were more than that and I wanted to find out more.. to taste for myself.

Dating a shemale in Miami is not something I was accustomed to, but I soon discovered that there were clubs where one could openly mix with these women, and so I started to go to them, at first wearily and once the initial pre-conceived ideas were out of the way, quite willingly.

It is in one of those clubs that I became acquainted with a gorgeous shemale for the first time. Turns out that chatting a shemale isn’t all that different than chatting a woman and so I was extremely happy when this particular shemale seemed to react positively to my approaches.

All the way from Brazil where it seems shemales seem to prosper, this lady had all the attributes a man can want.. and some as I discovered later on in the privacy of my Miami home.

A word of caution before your hurry to meet your very first shemale for your own night of passion: Precaution, precaution, precaution.   You might actually want to try shemale phone sex first!