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Beware how you kiss!

So you have been dating this wonderful woman for sometime! You have shown yourself to be the perfect gentleman, attentive and kind, ready to and show emotions when required. You have taken care of how you dressed, made sure you were perfectly groomed and taken her to the places of her choosing because you are just that kind of man really.

These past few dates have been wonderful, a rising pattern of interest slowly merged with an increasing desire to know each other. With each passing date, you have managed to keep your libido in check, eager to show her that you were interested in her as a person, and not as a sexual partner.

And she has dazzled you with her beauty and sex appeal. The smell of her hair, the clothes worn to show the promises that lay ahead, the gentle demeanor mixed with an educated dose of sensuality to keep your hormones flowing.  The cleavage, the curves, the discreet tilt of her face when looking at you, the lips slightly opened, moist, inviting.

Of how you have longed to kiss those lips, inhale yourself with their taste and at the end of each date, you have kept the inner struggles for the first kiss within yourself.  A polite handshake at the first date, gradually followed by more affectionate embraces when she has left her body be drawn closer to you, a date at a time.

And now is the time for the first kiss. The previous date had been so tantalizing and you have given such a good account of yourself so far that she knows you now. The first kiss!  The promise of heaven followed by something even more wonderful.

But beware of the first kiss, my fellow man!  Did you know that the State University of New York had researches conduct a study on one thousand Albany Albany undergrads about their kissing habits, motives and relationships?

Turns out heterosexual kisses, the one you are planning to do on your next date, give women information on everything about their health, to their willingness to commit and whilst you may have worked really hard at being the best you can during those first dates, a bad first kiss may send your date packing in a hurry!

As if we didn’t know this before, the study found that more than half the men were ready to have sex with just about any women, even those with bad breath as long as they found them mildly attractive, whereas only 14 pc of the women said they’d have sex without a kiss.

What’s important for a woman about the first kiss? Breath, taste, the appearance of healthy teeth being an indicator of potential partner’s health and of course, a kiss that is enjoyable.

What’s important for men about the first kiss? That it leads to sex! Plain and simple.

The researches have confirmed that men are opportunistic breeders, striving to spread their DNA and increase the likelihood of spreading their genes around whilst dating women need to be more careful as to the partner their pick, since they invest so much more of themselves then their male partners.

So next time you get yourself ready to kiss your date for the first time, remember to brush your teeth before going out, have some mints in your pocket for any linger after taste of this spicy meal you just had and don’t even try until you have a dentist give your mouth his drilling attention.

Not an easy thing, this dating business.