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Dating for the average middle age single man

The life of a middle age single man is not always a picnic. I mean living as we do in a high paced world, finding ways to get some fun for single people can sometimes be difficult and I am just as single as the next guy.

Of course, optimists tell me that there is a difference between being single and being lonely and the truth is I meet my fair share of people at work during business meetings, lunches and the likes. So looking through the proverbial half full glass, I am definitely not lonely.  But am I and what is being lonely anyway?

After all, I have made a lot of very good friends throughout my years as a Miami resident, and I do get to see these friends socially on a regular basis, at a local restaurant, or a friend’s house where we I meet lots of other single people, just like me.

Yes, there is the occasional flirting going on between these single friends from time to time as they attempt to bring into their life’s the comfort of  companionship, being of the same or opposite sex.

For some, companionship means dating with a view to a long term relationship possibly culminating in marriage. For others, companionship simply provides a means to have romantic encounters tinted with a definite tough of sensuality and even sexuality until they can move on to the next one.

For this type of adult dating, I can tell you that single within a specific circle of friends is often times not possible.  After all how can you tell the friend sitting next to you: “Hey, let’s go back to my place and have some fun? And even though friends with benefits seem to be a concept increasing in popularity this has happened with any one of mine and so we are all still looking.

The other day, as I was checking my emails at home I stumbled upon a dating website where encounters of a specific kind were being advertised. I had heard about online dating and of course every man has a hidden fantasy of belonging to a swinger’s club but I had not realized that there were people out there who were just like me, looking for companionship to explore fun, sexuality and more on a strictly non committed fashion.

And rather then spending time procrastinating again as to why I should not give this method a try, I decided that I would join one of these websites and see what if any thing would develop as a result.

Three weeks and a few exchanges of emails later, here I am getting myself ready to meet with one particular woman who seems to want exactly what I want. So as I prepare myself for this adult dating experience, a first for me, I would be lying if I told you that my heart wasn’t beating a bit faster in anticipation of the unknown.

I have no idea what is going to happen, but just in case I am lucky, I have had my house cleaned and tidied up thoroughly. The bed is made, sheets and towels are clean, the place is ready for action, and so am I.

Whether there is will be the subject of my next post: Adult Online Dating, a personal success story!  Wish me luck!