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Tempestuous nights at the Biltmore Hotel

No trip to Miami would be complete without a visit to Biltmore Hotel, this famous Florida landmark celebrated by Johnny Weissmuller, one of the world very first Tarzan.

Located in leafy Coral Gables, the hotel boasts one mama of a swimming pool built in 1926 with 700,000 gallon of clear blue water begging you to dip in!  I defy anyone to resist a leisure swim and besides if it was good enough for Tarzan, it is most certainly good enough for the rest of us.

The Biltmore Hotel also boasts a fitness center that was ranked amongst the top fitness clubs in the US by Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health magazine.  More than 10,000 square feet of workout torture are sure to satisfy the cravings of the most blaze fitness addict.  And just in case you are tired at the end of your exercise session, there’s the hotel spa, on the 7th floor with 12 treatment rooms.  Now you don’t even need to have been at the gym to get there.

And just in case, all these activities have built up an appetite, subliming dining is available as well, from sophisticated dining in Palm d’Or to a snack by the pool or a meal a l’italiana at the Courtyard Grill.

And what about dating? Well, this is Miami after all and with all the wondrous and tantalizing offerings available at the hotel, the Biltmore Hotel is a melting pot of all that is beautiful and single, men or women. You might not see anyone run naked through the hotel lobby, as Johnny Weissmuller did but there are plenty to look at and if you play your cards right.. well the sky is the limit.  And forget about having go back home (yours or your new dating partner) for the promised fruit, the hotel has something else to satisfy your sexual needs:  bedrooms.

In fact, the Biltmore Hotel is ideal for the ultimate romantic weekend.  Bring a partner or find one there and you will be in heaven. It’s not cheap though.   Their website boasts rates starting at just $189 but when I called I was quoted a 2 night stay for $990 per couple. A bit steep if you ask me but my lady friend was pampered from head to toe at the spa whilst I relaxed at the pool enjoying the view.

Spending so much money had an unexpected advantage though.  At around $500 per night we didn’t feel much like wasting all this money sleeping so we made love and we felt young again.   We left the hotel exhausted, but impeccably manicured and oh so very satisfied.

And then it was back to the groove again.  The Miami groove, unique, jealous, tempestuous!


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