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So you want to pick women up!

I was sitting in a cafe on South Beach last Saturday afternoon, savoring my daily cafe con leche and doing a bit of the usualĀ  people watching as one does inevitably when spending anytime at all in a place like this. Life was going on at its regular pace, with the noise, the chatter and the beautiful walking up and down the street dressed in various degrees of sensual expressions, and so I didn’t pay much attention when a tourist couple sat a couple of tables away from me.

I knew they were tourists, because of the sunburn, and judging by the subtle clues people give out about themselves, this was youngish couple in good physical shape who seemed to have an innate intimacy about themselves. They were confident about themselves, obviously happy to be with one another and whilst they were not talking much, there was an obvious communication which I thought nothing off.

As time passed, I began to notice that people, and in particular women who were passing by were either smiling at them, or shrugging a shoulder in a manner one does when wanting to express a feeling of not being interested.

I didn’t quite know what it meant other then these women who were passing by were reacting specifically to the couple sitting nearby until it dawned on me that the wife or girlfriend was actually actively engaged in provoking these women’s reaction.

With each passing woman, (beautiful passing woman I should say) she would quite innocently lick her lips whilst nonchalantly touching her breasts.

The sensuality of her action was such that it had enthralled and so I immediately understood the reason why the women were reacting to her. This woman was picking women up!

At my third cafe con leche, and extravagance I would live to regret on my next insomniac night, the wife scored and an absolutely gorgeous woman walked to their table.

The deal was sealed shortly thereafter as the two women exchanged the most sensual of kisses which would have looked completely innocent if their lips had not touched. The three of them stood up and walked away presumably for a night of passion.

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